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Dometic CFX3 35 Portable Fridge/Freezer 36L

Check out the Dometic CFX3 35 Portable Fridge/Freezer 36L here:

If you’re working with less space in your vehicle or are travelling light in the bush – the CFX3 35 Fridge Freezer from Dometic is the perfect size to keep your supplies fresh on your adventure.

This unit features a powerful VMSO3 compressor which refrigerates and deep freezes down to -22°C, a heavy-duty yet light ExoFrame construction, spring-loaded aluminium handles, WiFi/Bluetooth control, AC, DC or solar power potions and more – so it’s ideal for your outdoor expeditions.

In this video, our gear expert Kevin gives you the rundown on all the details of the the CFX3 35 Fridge Freezer from Dometic.

He starts out with the dimensions, then shows you them external features, how to remove the lid and put it back on, the interior sections of the fridge, what can fit inside, the materials used, how to operate the control panel, demonstrates the battery protection works and more – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 - Intro
0:29 - Dimensions \u0026 weight
0:55 - 12V + 240V power
1:21 - Dometic compressor
1:35 - Removable lid
1:53 - Inside the fridge
2:31 - Materials
2:45 - Control panel
3:23 - Battery protection

도메틱 쿨프리즈 CFX3 55 실사용후기&상세정보 정리편 - 얼음으로부터 자유롭고싶었어요. Dometic CoolFreeze CFX3 55

캠핑용 냉장고 아이스박스인 도메틱 쿨프리즈 사용후기입니다. 무척이나 무겁지마는 얼음으로부터 자유로워질수 있다는 최대의 장점이 있지요. 고민하시는 분들께 도움이 됐으면해요. 모두모두 즐캠하세요!

미니 냉장고를 추천 드립니다 I 자취생의 필수품, 기숙사, 사무실에 적합!

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